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Suanus is one of four moons that revolve around Godrith, the fourth planet of the Tybol System. Godrith is a massive gas giant that according to myths and legends sends destructive beings and calamities upon Suanus. These events have shaped the course of history of this moon.

Located in the northern two thirds of the western hemisphere is the continent of Volacrast. Volacrast’s history spans several millennia and is rife with war, intrigue, and sorrow. Currently, the continent is divided into four nations: Sneydan, Nostria, Thieria, Thaenia while the southern most region remains an untamed jungle. The peoples of Volacrast are as diverse as the animals of the wild. Prominent are the humans who are the holders of the current kingdoms, mixed in with them are halflings, tieflings, and gnomes. The elves of this land are also divided. The Elder reside in their hidden cities with limited contact with the outside world, preferring to interact with the other races through carefully appointed envoys. The Wild elves have chosen to live closer to nature, preferring to be more nomadic with very few permanent settlements. The Dwarves of Volacrast, while divided by choice of living space, are united in purpose. The Hill Dwarves are the face of the Dwarven Empire while the Mountain Dwarves, in their stone strongholds, prefer isolation. While they do exist and are recognized as a race, no one knows much of the Dragonborn of Suanus, least of all, where they hail from. Finally the Orcs, not usually hostile toward the other races, do contend for resources with the Dwarves within the Balefrost Mountains. They also have hidden strongholds both in the mountains and in unknown locations in the kingdoms of man.

A key influence in recent decades is a group called the Windswords. The Windswords started out as a mercenary troupe that fought for the highest bidder, but eventually evolved into something more respected than their founders. The Windswords at the present time are an adventurer’s guild and send agents across Volacrast to perform missions of various function. They also send military assets to help train the standing armies of Volacrast. Above all, the Windswords remain neutral in any conflict between nations. Being highly regarded in most corners of the continent, the guild has envoys in every city of the human kingdoms as well as one or two among the Elder and the Dwarves.

The current state of affairs on Volacrast is that of a powder keg. The two older kingdoms Sneydan and Nostria are at the brink of war. The peace between the two nations has always been tenuous at best ever since they were split from a vast empire a thousand years ago. Something is stirring the pot, spreading distrust, inciting aggression, etc. Could this be another Godrith Calamity?

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