Ki Raenythia Valinan Ithal'Suk of Ka'Huethuril

Elven rogue far from home on a mission and bound to duty.


Raen is a slightly built elf with odd-nutty brown tint to her skin. She stands 5’6" tall and weighs a mere 115lbs. Her eyes are a deep, dark brown and slightly larger and more almond shaped than those of the elves of Volacrast. She has black hair that is streaked with locks of crimson. To most she looks like a wood elf, a very young one at that to be out on their own. When asked, she will say that she is 102yrs old.

She can be single minded once set upon a task. For her, duty comes before all else.

Weapons of note: 2 magic daggers +1, Longbow of Range (non-magical, but excellently crafted) This bow has 225/900 range.

After drinking the in the Challenge of Balamar she survived and was granted the feat of resilience to which she gave to her WIS making her WIS 21 and giving her proficiency in WIS saves.


What we know of Raenythia or Raen so far is that she is a somewhat different looking elf that comes from someplace far away from Volacrast. In speaking of her home we know that it is a place with trees where she has spent a lot of time outdoors. We also know that her homeland is coastal or at least has a coastline.

She has family at home, and she is away from home on some kind of mission to protect not only her home, but the world as a whole. We also know that she sends some kind of reports back home. One of these reports included inquiries on Arthion’s mother.

After being informed by Daggerwing that Arthion had been searching her out, Daggerwing asked Raen to proceed with training Arthion in some of the ways of the rogue as his skills and abilities would be welcome in their guild if he were truly interested. In order to train Arthion without raising the suspicions of the rest of the party, Arthion and Raen agreed that they would create the illusion that they were interested in each other and would thus find times to be together. This recently, has proven to become more than a farce. On a lonely night for Raen after they had been accepted into the Windswords, Arthion came to her and gave her comfort which led to a consummation of the relationship.

Where we know she has goals in the form of what her mission is; we don’t really know the details. We only know that she is loyally devoted to whatever that may be.

We have found out through her adventure that it appears that the smell of dwarven ale being brewed, as well as the cooking of Thakorn’s father, proves to overwhelm her strong sense of smell. She had a very unpleasant stay in Stone Fork, Thakorn’s home village. There was some respite in getting to know her companion better, but that was somewhat overshadowed by her nausea and vomiting throughout her stay. Perhaps we can assume that she is not going to be hugely into the idea of delving into dwarven society again any time soon if she can help it.

Ki Raenythia Valinan Ithal'Suk of Ka'Huethuril

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